Editorial office

If any of the editors feel that there is likely to be a perception of a conflict of interests in relation to their handling of a submission, they will declare it to the other editors. Standard policy in such a case will be for one of the other editors to handle the submission but the editors may use their discretion.


The papers are uploaded by the authors using online platform. The associate editor select the papers for each issue and makes a decision based on date of upload and the evaluation results. An English spelling is provided by the Journal English editor.


Potential conflict of interests for reviewers - the invitation letter to reviewers is meeting the following requirements: in advance knowledge about the authors identity; warning notification about the potential conflict of interests in referring activity potentially generated by possible relationship with the author, friendship or conflict/rivalry or any other reason; avoidance of potential conflict of interests; double blind peer review evaluation of the scientific quality for received papers; severe measures in case of plagiarism or unclear authorship situation; a precise time period for reviewers for sending to the authors the suggestions and proposals  to improve the quality of the paper.


The editorial office is promoting a permanent selection of high quality reviewers and only the best papers are published.