Peer Review

Peer review procedure is based on "double blind" method. The authors will be informed about recommendations for improving the paper and final decision after full evaluation.
Submissions are made through an online platform. The process of review is between 6-8 weeks per paper. Continuing communication process for clarifying questions or revising the papers between the authors and the officer responsible with reviewing process on one side, and between the officer and reviewers on the other side. There are two reviewers on each paper and the review process is independent. If necessary, in case of opposite evaluation report, the third reviewer is included and the final decision is based on the negotiation process between them.
To be accepted, a manuscript must at least meet the first five criteria below. 
1.    Scientific soundness with the Journal topic
2.    Original nature of the study
3.    Meeting modern, global economic challenges
4.    A good proof of state of the art literature synthesis 
5.    Conformity to the thematic profile of the Journal 
6.    Research innovativeness in relationships with advanced modern and challenging knowledge
7.    Adequate matching between theoretical economic research and statistical methods used to fit the facts
8.    Adequateness, rigor and transparency of research methods
9.    The place of research in the forefront of new trends of economics
10.    Ways of generating advanced knowledge in the practical and theoretical field of economics
11.    Degree of possible audience for policy makers and practitioners, in close relationships with applied economics faculty
Executive editor peer review: observing conformity with general topics and template.
Double-blind peer review: Reviewers are unaware of the identity of the authors, and authors are also unaware of the identity of reviewers. There are at least three or more reviewers for the total number of articles in each issue. If is necessary for interdisciplinary papers the third reviewer is nominated for better scientific approach in valuing the novelty and/or originality of the paper