Volume 47 / 2018

A Century since the Great Union. The Truth on Our Relationship with History Reflections on how an Anniversary Is Assessed

Author: Marin DINU

Abstract: The approach of this theme - an assessment of a certain timeline that has a complex significance, both eventfully and societally - is specific either to an editorial, in brief, or to a more methodologically complex synthesis, in the form of a book. This paper, which, to some extent, would qualify for the rigors of present trends in publishing, is an editorial: one that implies real identification of the problem, understanding of how visions are structured, argumentation of the method of criticism and judgment in finding a solution.

Classification-JEL: A13, B41, B55.

Keywords: evolution of a societal entity; socio-human sciences, economic resilience


Water Resources in Romania during 1945-1989

Author: Victor PLATON


Abstract: This paper presents the water management during 1945-1989 in Romania, all through the communist and command economy period. It follows the investments, waterbeds management works, construction of dams and energy plants all around Romania. The extensive irrigation program as well as the forced industrial development were specific for this period. On the other hand, water supply for population and sewage network was developing strongly. Not all this development had positive follow-up, as conclusions point out in the end.

 Classification-JEL: A10, H54, P28

Keywords: water resources, water management, dam, sewage, water supply


Profitability, Advertising Intensity and Concentration Ratio in Indonesian Cigarette Industry (2000 -2013)

Author: Yulia  Saftiana

Author: Benadette Robiani

Author: Syamsurijal A.K

Author: Suhel

Abstract:  This study aimed to invest the relationship of structure, behavior and performance on cigarette industry in Indonesia. The variable used in this research is concentration ratio that used CR4 to measure industry structure, advertising intensity of four companies that included in CR4 to measure promotion behavior, Price Cost Margin (PCM) and profitability of four companies (ROS) included in CR4 to measure industry performance.Descriptive analysis between Price Cost Margin (PCM) and concentration of cigarette industry shows the direction of inconsistent relationship but for 23 years the direction of change is more positive than negative sign. Otherwise, the relationship between Return on Sales (ROS) with industrial concentration shows more negative sign than positive sign.

Classification-JEL: D31, D57, E64

Keywords advertising intensity, concentration ratio, price cost margin and return on sales.


The Dynamics of Human Development in Romania during the 1899-1999 Period

Author: Florin Marius PAVELESCU

Abstract: The paper proposes a methodology to estimate the dynamics of a country’s human development in the long run. The methodology maintains the three core dimensions of the Human Development Index (HDI) proposed by the United Nations Development Programme and uses the yearly average rates instead of normalized values. This way, we are able to define yearly average rate of human development (YARHU) of the considered country. The methodology is applied to the case of Romania for the 1899-1999 period. The period belongs to two Kondratieff cycles of Romania’s economy (1888-1947 and 1948-1999). The results reveal a moderate dynamics of human development during the considered century in the context of adverse external shocks and contradictory internal structural changes. The dynamics of human development during the 1899-1947 period was slower in comparison to the 1948-1999 period. During the 1899-1947 period, the educational indicators, i.e. the literacy degree and enrolment degree, contributed significantly to the human development dynamics, while during the 1947-1999 period, the higher yearly average rate of human development was obtained especially due to the growth of the gross domestic product per capita.

 Classification-JEL: I15, I21, I25, I31, J11, N30, O15

Keywords: Kondratieff cycle, weighted arithmetical and geometrical mean, industrialization, economic and social reforms